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lThis site is a California Continuing Education Provider for mental health
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Elm Street Economy

Continuing Education for Practicing
Sustainable Mental Heath Care  

for Helping Professionals Dealing with the Psychological
and Emotional Challenges of a Post-Peak World.

"Those with psychological training may play as important a role in our collective adaptation to Peal Oil and Climate Change as energy experts and permaculture."  Richard Heinberg, author Peak Everything  

The Pine Mountain Institute provides online continuing education (CE) programs for professionals wanting to help others respond creatively and intelligently to today's intertwined psychological, ecological and economic challenges.

Having been blessed to live for decades in one of the most abundant nations in history, few of us in the US are prepared emotionally for the rigors of more precarious times.

 As the effects of dwindling natural resources, continuing population growth and climate change escalate to force continually dramatic changes in our economy, there is and will be a great need for helping professionals who:

1. Understand the far-reaching effects of these crises on our emotional, psychological, spiritual and practical day-to-day well-being.

2. Are capable of helping those in their own communities sort through their feelings, make wise choices and participate with self-confidence in creating resilient local communities where they can live securely in a sustainable future.  

Would you like to learn more about this need? The January 2007 Hope Dance article, The Waking Up Syndrome explains why your help is so needed right now. For lots more on how we as mental health professionals can help, see our blog Eco-nomic- Anxiety

Would you like to help meet today's growing psychological and emotional challenges?
ur self-study, online multimedia, and webinar-based CEU programs are designed to prepare mental health professionals to play a vital role in providing sustainable mental health in their local communities in a time of transition.

Our programs are base on the principles of ecopsychology and focus on the four key areas we as helping professionals need to prepare ourselves if we are to help others through painful economic and ecological realities.

We also have day-long, evening, and half-day Onsite Programs on eco-nomic anxiety, sustainable careers and lifestyles, and Transition Training for agencies, organizations and private practice groups.

Would you like to know about many creative options others are discovering? Sarah and Paul Edwards, founders of the Pine Mountain Institute, are two of the few US Transition Initiative trainers and consultants. They have taken the lead in creating a Transition Initiative in their own community, Let's Live Local.

The Pine Mountain Institute, was founded in 2002 by co-directors Sarah and Paul Edwards. It's  located in the Los Padres National Forest in Pine Mountain Club, CA.

"When we're 'connected, we are each being attracted to fulfill a unique but important role that will ultimately support us and the greater whole." Allison Ewoldt.

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Califsornia Continuing Education (CE) Credits available for LCSW's, MFT's, &  RN's

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