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Paul & Sarah Anne Edwards

Over the past 20 years Paul and Sarah Edwards, founders of the Pine Mountain Institute, have been outspoken advocates of the need for healthier, 
more balanced and fulfilling lifestyles.

Their 17 books on career and lifestyle change have
sold two million copies and been featured on national radio and television shows like the Today Show and Oprah. They've also taken their message for change
to the airwaves as co-hosts of their own national radio show and The Working from Home Show on Home and Garden Television. 

Their seventeenth book Middle Class Lifeboat, provides practical information about what individuals can do to address their growing anxiety about economic and ecological changes in the global economy.

Through their online continuing education programs, the Edwards seek to provide
helping professions with useful resources and tools to aid their clients in creating
lives that support and sustain physical, mental and financial health despite times
of uncertain economic and ecological changes.

They are the first to write and speak about eco-anxiety as referring to a normal, healthy response to a constellation of related concerns about both tumultuous ecological and economic changes.

Sarah has a Masters in Clinical Social Work and a PhD in Ecopsychology. Paul earned a J.D.

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