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CE Programs Online* for Responding to Eco-Anxiety
An Introductory Overview of Ecopsychology.
Curl Up with a Good Book and Earn CE Credit
Sarah Anne Edwards

  The Healing Power 
  of Nature

An Overview of Ecopsychology

   A Novel and Study Guide 
   of Basic Ecopsychology Principles

   Review of This Book
   Reader Reviews

Explore the power of nature to heal inner emptiness, depression and addictive behavior and how these symptoms result from the breakdown of community and our disconnection from the natural world we are still very much a part of. Learn the basic principles of ecopsychology and the value of integrating them into your therapeutic practices. Specifically:


The Role of Nature in Healing and Emotional, Physical and 
       Spiritual Health

     ∑ Presenting Symptoms of Lifestyle Disorders    
     ∑ Five Steps to Recovery from Vitamin N Deficiency
     ∑ Naming the Unknown Hunger
The Gift of Time and the Power of Two2
A Credo for Personal Fulfillment through Creating Life-
       Supporting Communities

Help Clients: 
    ∑ Find Whatís Missing from Their Lives          
    ∑ Discover Their Personal Calling                       
    ∑ Overcome Chronic Feelings of Loneliness              
    ∑ Reconnect with Their Natural Rhythm 
    ∑ Breakthrough Addictions, Depression, and Stress Disorders 
    Overcome Perfectionism
Reclaim Their Time and Personal Lives     
Reconnect with Community  

"This book makes a powerful statement about how we live, what we value and what we must do if we don't want to live that which we cherish." Rick Benzel, The Way of Walking

"With Nature-Guided Counseling, Iím a guide, not the expert or technician. I guide each person to tap into their own inborn wisdom and let Nature show and teach them the lessons they need to find their own solutions.Ē Gina Thomas, Energy Therapist

*Courses include a book and study guide and worksheets. It can be started at any time. Self-study courses are done on one's own at one's own pace and are completed upon interactive feedback via e-mail.

                                                                Self Study 6 CE Credits   
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 *Our courses meet the qualifications for continuing education credit for MFCCs and/or LCSWs as required by the  California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Provider #2309 and for RNís: Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nurses for 6 contact hours, Provider #13577. MFT's & LCSW's 12 Hours of CE Credits Can Be from Self-Study Courses All 36 required credits can be Taken Online

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